AuRA Technology

Xagenic's AuRA™ technology is based on ultrasensitive microelectrode arrays. Nanostructured microelectrode (NME) sensors, coupled with highly amplified signals that are generated by an electrocatalytic reporter system, allow direct analysis of raw clinical specimens.

Our patented AuRA™ technology is highly versatile and has been validated with a variety of targets, cell types, and specimen types. It provides rapid (20 minute) sample-to-answer diagnostic test results with the performance of nucleic acid amplification tests.

Using electrochemistry to analyze samples for nucleic acids allows for simple, low-cost instrumentation with low power requirements. Importantly, because AuRA™ does not rely on optical detection components or enzymatic amplification, crude samples can be analyzed with minimal sample processing at a fraction of the cost of PCR-based platforms. Xagenic's chip-based approach enables straightforward automation of multiplexed testing, with only very simple fluidic manipulations required for the execution of a diagnostic assay.


“Our core technology provides a huge surface area for binding of nucleic acids, generating a large and specific localized signal. This enables highly multiplexed lab-quality testing for discrimination of any number of different organisms.”
GRAHAM JACKVice President, Research